The results of LIFE Project


Food waste is a global issue. In Italy, 5.6 bln tons of food end up in the trash every year, for a total value of 12.6 bln EUR. Wasting food has serious environmental & socio-economic repercussions. Food losses and waste occur all along the supply chain: from production to processing, from distribution to restaurants, and finally in domestic walls. This represents a systemic issue, because it involves economic stakeholders and final consumers. Considering this scenario, LIFE-Food.Waste.StandUp was born, co-funded by EU Commission in the framework of LIFE 2014-2020, a Programme for Environment and Climate Action. The Project involved a Consortium of important stakeholders, which decided to fight together against food waste at all stages of the Italian economic context: Federalimentare, Federdistribuzione, Unione Nazionale Consumatori and Fondazione Banco Alimentare ONLUS. Together, with their different roles and responsibilities, pursuing the aim of fighting against the loss of precious resources. The purpose of the Project was food surplus recovery and the reduction of food waste. How? Through information and awareness campaigns for specific targets, launched in January 2017, but also implementing tools, organising events and training activities, while keeping a productive and positive dialogue among Partners. The results of the Project are satisfactory: more than 10.000 agri-food companies involved, 12.000 sales points informed and 500.000 consumers reached. Banco Alimentare considerably increased food recovery, while retailers registered an increase of +38%. To discover more please click here (