Roadshow: Sicilian step during the ASviS Festival of Sustainable Development


During the ASviS Festival of Sustainable Development, Federdistribuzione organised again a step of LIFE Regional Roadshow, precisely in Catania last June.

According to elaborations of Federdistribuzione, food waste in Sicily annually accounts for 360.000 tons, of which 48% from households and the remaining part to economic operators; moreover, agriculture is responsible for 35% of food waste, while retailer sector for 10%, restaurants produced 5% of waste, while industry 2%.

Thus, we produce more than we consume, but only a small amount of this surplus is donated to the needy: less than 5%. The rest turns into waste and then trash. Increasing donations and reducing waste are social, environmental and economic needs. Sicily is already active in this issue, as well as food companies, consumers’ associations and charities.

During the event, which took place in the presence of the Consortium of LIFE Project, the Region and LIFE-Food.Waste.StandUp Partners signed a Memorandum of Understanding to boost and ease donations to the needy from companies of the area. The MoU assumes engagement activities of Local Administrations from the Region and associates of Partners Project, activating necessary relationships to achieve positive results.

The speakers at this event included President of Federdistribuzione, Mr. Claudio Gradara, the Responsible of EU Projects and Sustainability Dept. of Federalimentare, Mr. Maurizio Notarfonso, the Regional Coordinator of Unione Nazionale Consumatori, Mr. Mario Intilisano, the President of Banco Alimentare of Sicily, Mr. Pietro Maugeri, Professor of Università degli Studi di Catania, Ms. Margherita Ferrante, the Mayor of Troina and Representative of Anci Sicilia, Mr. Sebastiano Venezia. Mr. Sergio Saporito of Gruppo Arena – associate of Federdistribuzione – gave his contribution to the roundtable, introducing a corporate history to highlight positive initiatives undertaken by his company to reduce waste and boost donations.