Who sows well, reaps good fruits!


The long journey undertaken by Federdistribuzione with the collaboration of all the partners of the Life Project continues to reserve pleasant news!

The Lombard Municipality of Seregno has announced the approval of a provision that provides in Article 25-bis a concession for non-domestic users, producers or distributors of food goods, which transfer these goods free of charge to the most deprived and to the people. most needed, with a reduction of the rate of 10 cents per kg up to a maximum of 20% of the variable quota.

An important milestone, probably the result of the stage of the roadshow organized in the Lombardy Region (November 2017) and of the relationships born afterwards to promote, in addition to the message of the fight against waste, raising awareness of donations to the needy, also the introduction of the concept of reward towards those subjects who adopt virtuous behavior in the recovery of surpluses.

An excellent result for the entire consortium that adds up to those obtained during the course of the 3 years and to those that we hope to achieve in the next, despite the difficulty of monitoring the actions taken throughout the national territory and in each Municipality.

The commitment of the whole consortium is thus rewarded when, after some time, one touches the strength of the message transmitted and the effectiveness of the means and teamwork. The road is still long, but it is certainly the right one!