LIFE-Food.Waste.StandUp Project focuses on food waste prevention & reduction and unsold food recovery, issues of extraordinary social and environmental importance. The initiative is supported by excellent Italian partners of the sector: Federalimentare (lead partner), Federdistribuzione, Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus, Unione Nazionale Consumatori.

Federalimentare represents, protects and promotes the Italian Food and Beverages Industry, which is the second-highest-ranking Italian manufacturing sector. It accounts for 8% of the national GDP, with an annual turnover of over 132 billion EUR. The Italian trade Associations, for each food and drink sector, are grouped together under Federalimentare, which represents almost 7,000 companies with more than 9 employees each, located throughout Italy.


food waste Prevention and reduction is a commitment shared by stakeholders at any level of the production-consumption chain: widespread consciousness and knowledge are needed to plan future actions and customize awareness campaigns. The information and awareness campaign promoted by Federalimentare is addressed to its branch agri-food Associations.

Federdistribuzione represents Italian National Retailers. Through its national, local and community bodies, it represents retailers of various sectors, agri-food included, operating following the most innovative techniques of modern trade. Federdistribuzione is composed of five national Associations, which represent businesses of different kind, dimension and production. According to current members, the turnover in 2015 amounts to 63.3 billion EUR (of which 8.4 billion EUR in franchising), equivalent to 48.9% of total turnover of Retailer sector and to 29.3% of marketable consumption; its distribution networking is made up of 15.150 retail stores (7.450 of which in franchising), providing work for 222.500 people.


The purpose of Federdistribuzione is to encourage the spread of a sustainable management of resources from economic, social and environmental perspectives, through food waste prevention, an increase in donations and food recovery. The communication and awareness campaign of Federdistribuzione is especially addressed to Retailer Sector businesses, operating throughout Italy. It will take into consideration different levels of production processes used in each business. The campaign also includes customized activities for workers, in order to raise awareness about food waste reduction and food recovery.

Unione Nazionale Consumatori (UNC) is the first Italian Association acting for consumers’ protection, established in 1955 by Mr. Vincenzo Dona. It is a member of the Italian National Council of Consumers and Users (CNCU) at the Ministry of Economic Development, with hundreds of branches throughout Italy. Moreover, the so-called Consumer Code acknowledges UNC as a National Representative Association.


UNC is setting up a campaign against food waste, with the aim of making consumers aware, to let them change their consumption habits in relation to the domestic management of food surplus. In order to enhance the impact and variety of scheduled actions, UNC will customize communication campaigns to all consumers’ needs - from the elderly to the young people, from families to single parents – using events, Apps, leaflets, videos, info points and online services.

In Italy, Banco Alimentare is engaged in the recovery of proper food within expiration date, which cannot be put on the market for some reason. In this way, foodstuff can turn into a resource for the needy.


Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus (FBAO) is deeply involved in all awareness campaigns, supporting each partner. In particular, FBAO is aiming at reaching project stakeholders, agri-food businesses, retailers and consumers. Its communication strategy is based on food waste prevention, the enhancing of partners’ communication skills and on an efficient dissemination of customized information.